Monday, September 26, 2005

gravity is a harsh mistress

schaeffer trailwork on saturday went well... i had a good crew (jens, jake, jon, and steig) and we were able to get the upper half of the halfpipe rebuilt - with the exception of one turn that was very close to a tree that housed a nest of very large bees. the other crews got another new section of trail open and got a lot of the new trail signs installed in spite of the park staff delivering most of the signs to the wrong locations.

the mixed messages reception was a lot of fun. saw a lot of friends and the exhibit got lots of really good reactions. it was great to see how the other participants reinterpreted their parent images and honestly i felt like a pretender amongst a lot of really talented photographers. the exhibit is still open for a week or two at the columbia arts center.

plans for a ride on sunday evaporated when everyone bailed and i ended up heading to schaeffer for a couple of hours in the afternoon. i rode the new halfpipe a couple times to check out our work then just rode around, mixing the loops up. ran into eric welp from the team and his fiance and rode with them for a while.

finally feels like fall is starting. new leaves were down on the trail, starting to obscure old lines that got abandoned this year. there was a definite chill in the air all afternoon and the sky stayed gray. now i'm starting to feel like racing 'cross.

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