Sunday, September 11, 2005


managed to wake up early enough to try to make the tilden cyclocross workout but i couldn't get myself out of bed. slept in a bit and then put the new (used) fork i just bought on my singlespeed. headed up to schaeffer mid afternoon for a quick ride to dial in the shock and see how my knee feels. i ran into a couple of friends in the parking lot about to set out on their rides and it turns out i'd missed meeting up with matt by a couple of minutes.

5 minutes into the ride i started hearing unusual noises coming from the singleator and decided to stop and check it out when i got to a good place to stop. 10 seconds later i start to pedal and something feels wrong... a strange noise, the pedals just spin, no resistance, no speeding up. i stop and look down, expecting to see nothing more than my chain off the chainring, but then i notice my singleator, or rather half a singleator. the pulley and chain guides were gone (along with whatever hardware was holding them on) leaving me with a spring loaded arm and silver axle attached to my bike, not very useful for tensioning a chain. i managed to find one of the silver chain guides, but none of the other pieces... the whole thing was under tension when it exploded, so they probably flew off into the undergrowth. i took the chain off and walked, scooted, and coasted my way back to the trailhead.


gmr2048 said...

just isn't your week, is it? did the singeator actually snap or break, or did something just unscrew and all the pretty bits flew off in different directions?

joe said...

i think the bolt that holds the pulley & chain guides on came out... pieces of singleator went flying all over the trail. i only found 1 of what had to be at least 4 peices (the bolt, 2 guides, and the pulley) that i would have needed to put it back together.