Monday, June 20, 2005


damn this big bear post is taking a long time... it's in the works though, so tune in later if you're hoping to catch it. i've got 150+ pics to post as well. long story short: the course rocked and the race rocked.

wakefield races start on wednesday and i'm torn between racing singlespeed and sport. i was planning on racing sport and trying to get a top 10 in the series, but after having such a good lap on my singlespeed at big bear this weekend (1:32, my fastest even though it was my last lap) i'm having second thoughts. i'm not fast enough to be competitive with the crazy fast singlespeeders, but it's a fun class.


Matt Donahue said...

I am facing the same issues with my Big Bear post.

I put a short one up there for the time being. But am working on a bigger version.

Wed. at Wakefield sounds like a tough decision- I'm skipping this week to let my shoulder heal a bit. I imagine SS would really be fun.

JoeP said...

Joe, after your performance at Big Bear, I think you will be *very* competitive in the SS class. I don't think I'll race this week, but I'll be watching out for you at the next one!