Thursday, June 30, 2005

that's a bit more like it - wakefield #2

no blow-by-blow account of the race this week, it's all at bit too much of a blur to remember much detail... the start: almost took butch & myself out right at the start when i tapped his tire with mine, got back on the bike near the back of the pack and managed to avoid the pileup that happened right in front of me. passed junkins just before the start of the trail and probably hit the singletrack around 20th of 30 starters.

first lap was really fast, passed a bunch of riders, finished the first lap in 13th. second lap i just trying to hang on, lost 1 place. at the start of the last lap hand to get off on the climb up to the finish and then slid out on the entrance to the singletrack and lost a couple of seconds getting back on the bike. a group of riders caught up to me on the cinder trail & creek trail, then tried to get past on the climb back to the powerlines. one flew by, but i managed to hang with the other 2 - butch & stewart, who i'd passed on the first lap. the three of us rode together for the last half of the lap, probably all with the same plan: try to hang with the others until the end and then sprint.

we stayed in the same order for the rest of the lap, butch first, me 2nd, stewart in 3rd. on the final climb up from the stream crossing, stewart flew by the two of us. when we hit the finishing straight i was a couple of bike lengths behind butch but i went into sprint mode and managed to catch get him by a wheel at the line for 16th place. it may not seem like much of a victory, but it was a big improvement from last week, and the best wakefield singlespeed showing i've ever had, given the size of the field. the singlespeed field at wakefield keeps getting bigger and faster.


butch said...

Nice job on that sprint finish! I knew you were back there and I gave it everything I had to keep you from passing me. I out-sprinted 2 guys at the finish at last week's race. It's fun to to up a few spots at the very end.
Can't wait til next race.

gwadzilla said...

wish I had been there...
I would have raced Clydesdale
I would have raced Clydesdale 29er Rigid Single Class....
of which I am the only member!