Saturday, March 19, 2005


back at home after a pretty easy morning on the bike... started out with a time trial test in the park to try to measure my fitness, a timed 3 miles at a set heartrate -- 10 beats below zone 5a. last month i was coming off a week of flu and did it in 9:50, this week i knocked a minute ten of the time and did it in 8:40 and did a better job of keeping at the right heartrate, last month i kept jumping up too high... got caught up in a couple groups of runners at one of the gates which forced me to drop my speed for a little bit, so i could have probably done it faster.

after the TT i rode up to the chevy chase shop to help with an MS ride training ride that the shop was sponsoring. the ride was pretty casual, which was perfect for today. there where a couple of hill where i got a bit too competitive with the other team guys helping out on the ride, but overall it was pretty easy and i was out for about 3 1/2 hours.

MORE winter party tonight, with a stop by the shop to pick up a couple things that they've been working on for me. tried the helles lager last night and even though it's only been in the bottle for a week it had an inch of head and pretty good carbonation so i'm going to bring a couple of bottles to the party.

this rest week is feeling pretty good right now, but next week it's back to base training and my first race is in 2 weeks. it'll be good to get a real test of where my fitness is, right now it's feeling good but i'm starting to itch for a race.

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