Sunday, March 06, 2005

bikes and (home)brews

2 great rides... mountain bike on saturday, road bike on sunday... first tracks in week old snow at greenbrier, riding the usual trails backwards to mix things up and trying out some trails i've never ridden. early in the year so i'm trying my best to keep the heart rate low, even if it means seeing the rest of the ride disappearing over the horizon every time the road or trail heads upward. planned to bottle my helles lager, but i realized i didn't have any sanitizer to clean up the bottles so matt and i hung out, tried a couple of home brews and watched a bit of office space... time to dry hop the double IPA...

the sunday road ride group grew a bit this week... makes the ride a lot more fun to have more people along. mike had the pedal threads strip on one of his crank arms 45 minutes into the ride. luckily we were close to a metro stop when he noticed so he didn't have to pedal one-legged all the way back. as we were finishing up the ride we passed him in rock creek park, so i guess he got the problem sorted out.

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