Tuesday, November 11, 2008

two batches of beer are gurgling away in preparation for friends coming into town next weekend. there's a light english golden ale and a coffee stout that should hopefully be in the keg and ready to drink (if lacking a little maturation time) in time for the horde descending from philly. brewing two batches of beer in one night was a challenge i probably won't try an repeat any time soon, but it was acomplished with only minor headaches.

the threat of company of course means another mad dash to finish all of the house projects that we've started in the last couple of months and make sure we're ready to take on a dozen or so guests. we spent this weekend installing the new storm door, repairing the front steps and putting up a new front door surround. now the office needs to be put back together so we can clear it's contents from the living room and guest room. plans to try and build some built-ins that we want to build in the office have been put on hold for now. looks like they'll be a project for the winter. with all the work thats been done i need to take & post some new photos of the house.


gmr2048 said...

A dozen?!!?! Wow! Are you mad? (Just askin' ;)) We've got *two* friends coming in to town this weekend, and I was debating if *we* were being ambitious. Best of luck to you guys!

gwadzilla said...


men are deadline oriented
racing makes us ride
parties and guests make us catch up around the house

see you at Reston for the Capital Cross Classic?