Thursday, May 15, 2008

pardon me for a quick rant on a topic not usually covered here...

hey cable industry (comcast of montgomery county in particular). if you're going to run ads touting the fact that your service beats satellite because the signal doesn't break up in the rain then you should really make sure that actually holds up. i've never seen it until recently, but we've been getting satellite-like break up on a lot of channels when it starts raining. i assume it's coming from their satellite downlinks, but why does it seem to be to getting worse (more compression to squeeze in more channels perhaps) now? and don't advertise an advantage you don't have.

and we're done... resume your normal activities.


gmr2048 said...

"more compression to squeeze in more channels perhaps"

Don't know if that was conjecture or not, but that's exactly what Comcast is doing: (link)

I can't wait till my 2 year Comcast contract is up. Goodbye cable. Hello FIOS.

ComcastCares3 said...

Hello, JoeFoley.

I read your blog and would like to get you some assistance with your reception issue. If you would like my help, please email me at I'm sorry for any inconveniences we may have caused. Please allow me the opportunity to make things right.

Kind Regards,
Melissa M.
Digital Media Outreach
Comcast National Customer Operations

gmr2048 said...