Monday, April 21, 2008


city bikes demo day this saturday at schaeffer farms... the shop is bringing out the demo fleet for the first demo day of the year this weekend. sweet bikes from jamis & specialized will be available for test rides from 9am-2pm and the team will be out helping run the event. stop by if you've got an eye on a new bike, want to try out the latest & greatest, or just want to say hello to the team.

our house has a few leaks that were revealed by yesterdays downpours... not too bad in the long run, and mostly caused by clogged gutters and incorrectly installed basement window covers, but bad enough in the short term for us to spend part of day using a wet-dry vac outside in the rain to clear out a basement window well with 9 inches of standing water in it, and for me to spend some time standing on the mud room roof disassembling and reassembling gutters to clear some clogs.

bakers dozen analysis... it felt weird leaving during the event, but then again, i've never had good luck at the 12-ish hour race format. at 24s i don't seem to have the same problem. maybe it's an issue of pacing and rest that i haven't quite got nailed down.

stolen bike... be on the lookout for a 18" moots ybb moto-x with jones h-bars, full xtr groupo, and a custom (or maybe now missing) jen green headtube badge. rob harrington (the bakers dozen promoter) had his bike stolen from the race saturday night. i really hope this was not done by someone in the mountain bike community.

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