Thursday, April 03, 2008

off track?

it seems like training's gone a bit off the tracks this week... big rides this weekend and then a hard hills workout on tuesday with loren has left me with tired legs. LT work last night just wasn't happening and mormon temple hills this morning were so-so. i think my slacker winter and sudden increase in training may be to blame: it feels like i'm trying to build without having a base.

we had a nice taste of late spring on tuesday for the team hills workout... short sleeves, shorts, and short finger gloves... no armwarmers, kneewarmers, vests, or any of that other gumpf that makes getting out the door seem to take so long this time of year. the 50s are back again for now, but it looks like sunday will be nice. rain on saturday means it might be a watershed kind of day on sunday. time to start getting a ride together?

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riderx said...

Watershed trail work day Sunday, be there or be square ;)

9am at Hamburg

Interesting thing, the Shed has been wetter than other places lately. Riding back to back at the Shed and Patapsco last week, Patapsco was actually drier.

The Shed had a few soft spots last night, nothing to worry about but with the upcoming rain forecast for tonight, Friday and Saturday it might need more than a day to dry out.