Monday, March 03, 2008

philly craft beer festival...

crowded. the philly craft beer festival was packed on saturday. we spent the first hour there fighting for every inch and every sample down at the far end of the hall... brooklyn had their brewmasters reserve extra brune on tap, which was an early favorite. after a while we moved to 30 yards up the hall and found a little sweet spot in front of a couple of smaller breweries where we could almost walk up to the taps. lakefront brewery's 20th anniversary strong ale was tasty. then we moved up another 30 yards and found ourselves in front of yards, southampton, and rouge with no lines at all. southampton had the double wit and secret ale, both of which i'd had recently, so i went for their saison which was another hit and then moved over to yards for a love stout on cask, and then rogue for oaked arrogant bastard (mmm) and ruination (double mmm). just before we left i someone spotted the unibroue table and we managed tastes of the 15, 16, and 17, and terrible.

there were other good beers, but these were my favorites.

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so joe

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