Monday, March 10, 2008

exposed opening

the exposed opening was pretty unbelivable. we started with a quick trip to RFD and then walked down 7th to the show only to find a 30-40 deep line at the door just to get inside and stand in the line snaking up the stairs.

the gallery itself was packed - check dcist for some pictures. we managed to find my piece and set out a few cards and postcards -- which started disappearing almost as soon as my hands left them) -- take a quick look around the gallery and say hello to a couple of people before we left to head across the street to meet up with mike & tris and matt & katie who'd tried to get in over at district chophouse. all in all it was a great evening.

if you want to get out there before the show closes this saturday, civilian art projects is open wednesday - saturday from 2-6pm. see the civilian art projects website for more details about their hours and location.

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JB said...

Nice, that's great! I may order one of those cow pics once we move to G'burg :-)