Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas 07

saturday: rosaryville with matt and my brother. easy to start, a little run down the "techical trail" then spirited at the end.

sunday: errands

monday: a quick errand then a couple of hours on the road with my brother cruising the roads of nothern MoCo for all of the good hills. christmas eve at my parents finishing with a good round of cranium. heather and i staged a nice come from behind win over my newly engaged sister (polly) and her fiance (ryan).

xmas: at home, just me and heather. stockings and presents then heather started making a cassoulet for when her folks are down here in a couple of days. "a christmas story" was on continual repeat for most of the day until the dvd we got last night of discovery's "planet earth" went into the machine. finished up the night with peking duck at tian jin palace and then a couple of beers at quarry house.

merry christmas all


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