Tuesday, December 11, 2007

our home

ah, a minute of downtime... sitting by the christmas tree with a daily show repeat on. it's been such a whirlwind for the last couple of weeks i haven't even had time for my normally sucky blogging.

beer room

since we got back from our honeymoon a little over a month ago we've started projects in practically every part of the house and actually managed to follow through and finish most of them. on top of the window & door replacement we've had new floors put in in the basement and mud room, redone the shutters on the front of the house and added window boxes and pulled out most of the overgrown shrubs out front. along with a couple of little tweaks (and a few more still in progress) the front of the house looks almost completely different.

the cellar

the floor in the basement led to picking a paint color and getting the basement beer & bike room projects underway. phase one of the beer room is done and next we're going to build the bar and the kegerator. the first batch of beer to be kegged is already in the pipeline, so i guess i better get on that.

bike room

i've been riding a bit and getting to the gym to lift (sorry josef, i'll stop when it's time to start training in the spring), run, or do a yoga class a couple of times a week. still it's not as much exercise as when i was riding, so the winter weight is packing on a bit. oh well, it's fuel for next year's training.

thanksgiving table


Darren said...

Wish I had the will power to do the Gym, I am biking ot work and doing VolleyBall. Might start some running too.

gwadzilla said...

house looks great!

or is that just the wide angle lens?