Monday, November 12, 2007

team ride

we got as close as we ever have to an official team ride yesterday. a good portion of the team that wasn't racing at race pace met up at hamburg road and spent the afternoon riding around the trails (and fireroads) of the watershed. even gwadz & klasmeier, who are rarely seen riding at the weekend outside of a race, made it to the ride.

good to ride with the team. the pace was steady and quick, but not race-pace. just right for fall and winding down the year. i had a mixed day... some moments of great technical riding, floating through rockgardens that i've never cleaned before, but a couple of crashes and a complete meltdown on the climb out to the cars as my legs cramped up. i've lost my form a little more quickly this year than before. maybe it's the almost complete lack of riding since landahl?

heather and i had pizza & beers at paradiso with matt after the ride... i was in a hoppy hood (pizza does that to me) so i tried the lagunitas kill ugly radio (tasty, relatively light & sparkly body with a really floral hop), then had a bear republic racer 5 (a perennial favorite, more kick than the kill ugly radio), and finished with a sierra nevada celebration.


gwadzilla said...

some photos from that unofficial team ride yesterday

feel free to snag them and post them above

you can put a disclaimer that this hack job with the camera was not done by jofo

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Just picked up a bottle of the Kill Ugly Radio (it was brewed in honor of Zappa and the Mothers), but haven't busted the cap yet.

Gotta get over to Pardiso this week.