Tuesday, November 20, 2007


great ride sunday with mike & matt at patapsco. rode just about everything and rode it, well not fast, but quickly. not many stops, a few bobbles, and few times where i just new i was on. worked myself right to the line by the end of the day, which was much better than crossing over it last weekend at the shed. had my p&s camera with me, but we didn't stop for pics.

the weirwolf lt on the front got a little squirrely a few time on some new trail that was a little slimy. it might turn out to be a great summer tire, but it's time for winter tires now. maybe i'll just go back to the big exiwolf up front. negevals might still be overkill.

things are buzzing around the house. new windows and doors are almost finished thanks to the folks at metro gutter & home services, we've taken out some bushes in front of the house, and we're getting a new fence put in to replace the one that's been falling down since we moved in. next up are new shutters and heather's pet project: window boxes. there are some projects moving inside the house as well.

for most people thanksgiving weekend is a time to relax, but it looks like we'll be in full home-improvement mode.

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