Sunday, September 30, 2007

ed sander cx...

ed sander cyclocross in buckeystown today... i hadn't planned on racing, but then my brother was down for the weekend and since he was racing i figured i'd go along, shoot some photos, and since i'm going to be there, do the 3/4 (formerly B) race.


i had a couple strikes against me going in. first off, my legs were surprisingly tired from spending the previous afternoon running around in the woods shooting my friends (paintball) and secondly, my tri-cross was out of commision since and i was stuck with my singlespeed spot cross bike. it's a great bike for tooling around silver spring, but it's way undergeared as a race bike. i lined up right a the back and just couldn't spin fast enough on the flats (and there are a lot of them on the ed sander course).


got pulled with one lap to go, but the results list me as a dnf... wtf? dnf, that implies i dropped out or couldn't finish. being -1 i don't mind, but dnf is a little insulting, especially since i hadn't been lapped yet. come on guys, first the results cf at charm city, and now listing pulled riders as dnfs?



Chris said...

The officials shit the bed.
They went into the race ~threatening~ that they would be pulling riders.

They don't understand cyclocross.

We need officials that understand cyclocross.

Why are we paying USA Cycling?
Insurance and Officiating the races.

As promoters we could get our own insurance and hire our own scoring crews.

I'm pretty pissed about it too.


p.s. nice beard!

JB said...

ah that blows. I hate it when i don't get listed.

FWIW, i just checked and you and some others were listed in between some DNS people - no more DNF next to your name.

PS: great pics as usual!

Jim said...

Hey Joe, I had a similar issue at Sander. I was sitting around 34th, a half lap down but still on the lead lap. They pulled me with some actually lapped riders, but let a bunch of people behind me keep riding. It was pretty wretched. I'm sending a note to Chip Sovek and relying on him to raise it with the officials. Kinda defeats the purpose of Cross if we're supposed to sit up and leave the course if we're 'dropped' from the lead group.