Monday, September 24, 2007

24 hours of landahl...

long story short... 22 laps. we finished 2nd in expert and 5th overall. a (sandbagging) sport team took the overall win. the evil unicorns, a team of singlespeeders from nebraska took the win in expert. this was good for us because it kept the wrecking crew out of first place, and stopped them from clinching the series.

the wrecking crew had some bad luck early when one of their riders crashed on his first lap and broke his scapula. this put them almost an hour back and down a man. they battled back and were within 2 minutes of us early in the morning, and then they lost another team member to dehydration and exhaustion, but bill & jeremy kept riding. after that we were able to build our lead and get out for one last lap before noon and they missed the cutoff. talk about a nail biter.

the wrecking crew are going to moab though, so they've got one more chance to score a win (to clinch) or a second (to go to the tie breakers). let's hope that field at moab is strong.

more words and pictures later...

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