Wednesday, August 08, 2007

what's going on?

the pendulum has swung for the last week and a half. after a good bit of bike time in the previous couple of weeks i've been spending more time working on the house since coming back from killington. this weekend, with some help from my little brother, we managed to get some lingering odd-jobs finished up... a new light in the hallway, shelves & curtains in the office, picked out tile to lay in the mud room... little things that have just been falling through the cracks.

we're almost finished with the wallpaper striping in the kitchen. there's still a lot of prep work to be done in there though before we can get started painting, as a lot of the drywall is in pretty bad shape in there. we've got the last couple of pieces of furniture for downstairs on the way: a cupboard for the dining room, an armchair for the living room, and a sofa bed for the office.

saw social distortion (with the heart attacks and the hangmen) last week with jason and maili up at rams head live in baltimore, and then went down to the black cat after the team meeting with matt to meet up with katie and heather (and others) to see casey neil, and the starlingtons. both turned out to be good shows.

went out to annapolis this weekend to see friends of heather's who were visiting their family summer house. they bought crabs and shrimp and we ate on the front porch right on the bay, then went in to town for ice cream.

this weekend we're heading up to philly for wedding stuff. hopefully i'll be able to get a long ride in saturday while heather is throwing a shower for one of her friends.

3 weeks to the sm100...


gwadzilla said...

what is the sm100?

Tom said...

Actually its 16 days, 14 hours, and 15 minutes till the 100.

But I'm not counting.