Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 rides in the cold and wet...

saturday the weather was gorgeous... rode to sugarloaf and back, with my brother tagging along for the middle 40 miles. josh and karen came down from philly on saturday evening so we grilled up some shrimp & scallops, and some delicious orange rosemary chicken from a recipe that heather found and sat out in the yard. sunday the weather took a turn toward the ominous, with dark skies looming, but the rain held off and i took josh up to schaeffer for an easy mountain bike ride while the girls went shopping in georgetown. we met up at paradiso in georgetown afterwards. josh & karen are planning their wedding for december so, predictably, almost all conversation all weekend was wedding related.

sunday's omminous clouds became monday's rain clounds and i got very wet riding home from the shop. i'd spun over their after work to grab a road tube from the team box and as soon as i left the rain started, light at first, but by the time i was climbing the mormon temple hill it was tipping down and then i got stuck at the train crossing, while a long csx freight passed.

yesterday it's wasn't really raining, but it was rather like riding through a cloud, there was a persistent drizzle/fog, that seemed to just be hanging in the air. the work seems to be drying out today though and by this weekend i'm sure i'll be wishing it would cool down again as it looks like we're in for a blast of hazy, hot, and humid air.

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Anonymous said...

Tagging along...i think we both know that my back was hurting from carrying that ride. - JJ