Thursday, April 19, 2007

tick tick tick...

flight: booked
airport shuttle: booked
rental car: reserved
bike: shipped and already at the shop in san diego
bags: almost packed
directions to whole foods & rei in san diego: printed

all systems are go for temecula and i'm starting to get antsy.

we were panicking as late as last week trying to get the team sorted out for this weekend, but brian kemler - citybikes team captain from before i was on the team - is flying down from san francisco to be our fourth man. so it's me, mike, matty, and brian for this weekend.

there's going to be a little rain tommorow out there, which should help settle the dust. temps look good, i just need to make sure i pick up some sunscreen - the weather around here hasn't give us much chance to build up those farmer's tans yet.

if you want to check in on us during the race there are real-time results on the granny gear website. i'd post a direct link, but the 2007 system isn't live yet and i can't be sure it'll be correct.

even though i'm a virginia tech alum ('98) i haven't said anything here about the shootings yet. i started writing something yesterday but couldn't quite find a way to say what i wanted to and really, there's very little that i can add to what's already out there. let the victims families and friends, and the community have some time and space to grieve and come to terms with this in their own ways. i haven't felt this much like a hokie for a long time.


DiscoCowboy said...

Good luck!

JB said...

looks like it turned out ok! Congrats!