Sunday, April 15, 2007

7 days to 24 hours

this time next sunday night the 24 hours of vail lake (temecula, ca) will be done and i'll have a real gauge of how the season is starting... right now the bike is at the shop waiting to be packed to ship to california and the doubts are setting in.

training started well this year, plenty of base miles, lots of good rides on the road. the last month's been pretty crazy with moving and i've been lucky to get out on the bike a couple times a week... when i have time, temperatures fall and the skies open.

how will it go? who knows. i've only been a mountain bike a couple of times this year but what the hell, it'll be fun. heck, it'll be worth the trip just for the weather.


Lee said...

Good luck joe... have a great time.

gmr2048 said...

yeah, what lee said. good luck, and have fun. that's what it's all about after all. no?

Jason said...

Good luck..

And you bought a freaking house, grats...

Welcome to the endless spending on home improvements. Kim and I just put down hardwood floors in the dining room and living room, and repainted. I wanted to replace the drywall and rewire everything, but she veto'd that idea :)

Anyways, grats.


joe said...

we're still in silver spring, just on the other side of "downtown" from where we were.

Jason said...

When's the house warming..

And are you doing the renovations yourself, or hiring people do to them. I noticed further back your doing your kitchen, if you do it yourself (its not that hard, Kim and I did ours), it will cost you about 1/4 of having a contractor do it. Its mostly labour. Except for things like gas and countertops, those you have to get done professionally.

gwadzilla said...


take your hands off the brakes and let it roll

your fitness is high
your skills are solid

I suspect it will not be as technical as what you are capable of

you guys are going to have a blast!