Wednesday, June 28, 2006

last laugh...

so i'll finally allowed to ride a mountain bike again and a freak monsoon sets in... mother nature trying to get the last laugh? did a wet philly group ride on saturday, and then a wet road ride by myself on sunday. the first race of the cranky monkey was postponed untill late july, so i'll at least be able to race that whole series and the wakefield races are on hold for a while untill the course can be repaired from the damage suffered over the weekend.

for now it's back to the apartment hunt...


Crashmore said...

I got cleared to ride last wednesday myself. Looks like we're in the same boat :) Damn near literally.

gwadzilla said...

apartment hunt?

where will you keep the bikes?

gwadzilla said...

I went to help with the Wakefield repair on sunday
there were already lots of hands
I tried to help without tripping over people

they got the full course ready for Wakefield

it will be interesting to see how the course compares next time around to the first race

the course was super fast and flowing on the first race of WAW


last year at this time
I got cleared for dirt

I remember racing WAW with a splint on my hand