Sunday, June 11, 2006

the break on lemon hill

we managed to see the race from a bunch of places along the course... we rode from the house to brunch near rittenhouse and then over to the race just in time to see the womens race finish, then headed backwards around the course to the top of lemon hill where we saw the breakaway before they were reeled back in. after that we headed out towards manayunk and saw the pack come through main street and the bottom of the wall and made it back to the art museum in time to see the finishing circuits and finish.


Surly Rider said...

Probably walked right past you on the hill. Wish I knew you were in town.

gwadzilla said...

was that the downtown Philly race?

bet it was pretty cool

the Big Bear race went well
the course rocked!
the weather was awesome!

City Bikes had a small but positive contribution

my report should be on your desk in the morning