Sunday, October 16, 2005

no cross this weekend... hit the roads for a couple of hours yesterday for a much needed antidote to last weeks grey & wet weather. beautiful blue skies, cool air, warm sun, and that great autumn scent in the air.

today, instead of 3 hours on the road to the beacon race i opted for a shorter drive up to fredrick for a casual ride at gambrill with jason, david, rob, & chris. we did a pretty casual spin around the yellow trail stopping to play around on some of the technical features and speculate on alternate lines. there used to be a couple of sections of trail that i've never really felt comfortable on, but today i just felt great, flowing... perfect fall riding

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random said...

what a concept, going for a fun ride with friends instead of a long car ride and vomit on your jersey from the cross race. good going choosing the ride!