Monday, October 31, 2005


lyne bessette barry wicks

back from the us grand prix of cyclocross in gloucester, ma. raced the C's both days; here's the short version of the weekend...

troy wells bjorn selander

saturday was very cold with a couple of flurries as we started... a bad start and bobble in the sandpit put me way back in a big field... rode into the top 10 by the end of the first lap and finished 4th. snow picked up all day and ended up in near whiteout conditions for the later races.

lyne bessette troy wells & adam craig

sunday was warm and sunny but with a slick muddy course early in the day. the course was slightly longer and with a better start i was sitting in 2nd at the end of the first lap behind saturday's winner. my race ended 2 1/2 laps into the race when, while i was riding in 4th place, the clamp on my seatpost which had been loosening for a while finally gave up and i lost my saddle on one of the run-ups.

tim johnson ann knapp

more details later, and lots of pics once i've sorted through the almost 1300 shots i've got from saturday's later races.


fatmarc said...

nice stuff joe.

iconoclasst said...

Man Joe, nice work! You ever take a day off from the bike? 8^)

Great shots of what sounds like an epic time.

Brian said...

Nice photos! Epic.