Tuesday, July 26, 2005

party time, excellent...

i've just turned 30, my housemate krissy has a band, and it's summer so we're having a party... 2 bands (american sinner & that guy)... byob... this saturday, starting at 6... ample bike storage available

[google map]


Arleigh said...

dude.. can i come???


joe said...

of course

Matt Donahue said...

I'm there Joe! Should be a blast! Any specific beer requests?

Arleigh said...

joe can you send me the evite url??

arsbars at hotmail

thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

wheres all the f'n pix??

gwadzilla said...

how ya feeling?
Saturday Night looked like it was taking you towards a painful Sunday Mornng

my Sunday Am was not so epic
had to work
at least work had bagels, coffee, and fresh fruit

even the afternoon nap did not make me right
but with me it was more a matter of sleep deprivation than alcohol abusive
to my fortune I only traveled with a flask

Matt Donahue said...

Waiting to hear the update about Sunday morning. Something tells me you may have put off a long bike ride?

Rob said...

Oh, Joe, joe, joe. What I'm reading here is not good, not positive. Are you still with us? Still kicking? Well, I'm sorry that I couldn't be there but it sounds like you managed quite handsomely, and I myself got tanked on Bacardi Limon and this Orangeade stuff from Trader Joe's (It's all we have in the new place so far) while watching TIVO'd Battlestar Galactica. You know, to celebrate your 30 years of existence. But don't fear, we will have our revenge on your liver in a couple of weeks at Steve's.

Pictures, man. Great, big, fuzzy, fish-eyed photographs.