Thursday, April 14, 2005


ducked out of work a little early and hit schaeffer for the first time this year... took it easy since it's a rest week and spent some time studying the way the light falls on the trails and woods at sunset. think i'm going to try to get at least 1 photo ride a week up there over the next couple of weeks while everything is nice and green. magic hour is perfectly timed for getting to schaeffer after work. i've got a couple of ideas already.

after having a couple of the strongest feeling days on a bike ever over the weekend i started feeling like another bout of flu was waiting in the wings on monday. took it easy monday night (it's a rest week anyway) and just vegged a bit. felt better tuesday and was tempted to ride schaeffer, but i went over to the shop to help build bikes. unfolded a dahon and a couple of bob strollers and built a specialized hardrock, or maybe a rockhopper, i can't remember - thankful to know they would all be throughly checked out and finished off by the mechanics in the shop - and ended up sticking around for a beer while the specialized rep did a product clinic for the staff.

taxes done and on their way to the IRS via e-file so i should have the refund that i've already spent (on the new bike) soon. nothing left now but to pack up for the trip to douthat this weekend. glad that flu came to nothing, because i would have hated to miss this one.

and don't forget the demo day next weekend...

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