Friday, April 01, 2005

fountainhead after dark...

my brother was back home for a couple days this week so we had to get a ride in together... he's down in florida this year at a soccer training program so we haven't had a chance to ride since he was back before thanksgiving.

out of work early to pick JJ up and we were ahead of schedule so we stopped by wakefield to check out the new trails on the racecourse hill. considering the amount of rain we got a couple of days before, the new trails were in really good shape, but some other sections of the park were still suffering. back on the road and bit of traffic on the way to fountainhead but still there in plenty of time.

fountainhead at night is a very different place than wakefield and night, very dark and almost eerie, very quiet in place but noisy (frogs?) in others. we opted for the casual group, since my brother hasn't ridden for 5 months but ended up breaking off with david after the entrance loop and kept up a slightly more spirited pace. my legs felt good and i felt pretty fast for the effort i was putting in. tried to keep it dialed back a bit since i'm racing on sunday.

rode the trainer for a while last night and my legs felt awful, tired and wooden... couldn't keep a pace that my legs were comfortable with but got my heart rate where it should have been. day off today and maybe a quick ride tommorow to loosen up my legs for sunday, so hopefully that'll help and i won't bomb out too much on sunday.

just a quick note, the fountainhead ride was one that MORE organized with permission from the park. the park is closed, so don't ride fountainhead at night unless it's on a sanctioned MORE night ride, you will get prosecuted for criminal trespass (or so i've been told).

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Lee said...

Good luck at the race this weekend.