Friday, October 15, 2004

another week

it's been another one of those weeks... twisted my ankle while i was out on a run on tuesday, then - in spite of the rain - drove all the way up to Gambrill on wednesday for a night ride, only to discover on the first climb that i had no back brake... i think i might have contaminated the rotor while i was working on the bike the night before. no spare pads right now - i gave my last pair away at douthat someone in the same situation - so i'll have to clean up the rotor and try baking the pads.

managed a good ride on the cross bike in the park last night and rode the hills... ran into dave vannier from the team as he was riding home from work.. trailwork at wakefield tommorow and then a 'cross ride at schaeffer on sunday... need to spend some time around the house taking care of things that have been ignored for the last couple of weeks.

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