Sunday, June 28, 2009

Joe McNally...


I spent saturday at Joe McNally's one day lighting workshop is Dobbs Ferry, NY. Lots of lights, lots of gear, lots of setups. Other than seeing how he works through each lighting setup the best part was getting to split up into small groups and set up our own shots in the basement of the building the workshop was held in.


Micheal, Seshu, and I ended up with Aaron. Above, you can set two of my setups, both shot with 2 small flashes and one tri-grip diffuser.


This one (above) is from a little later in the day when we got to shoot Joe's setup with Aaron. In this shot, in addition to the lights inside, there are two gelled sb-900s at full zoomed to 200mm on a 30' lightstand (we're on the 2nd floor here) outside the windows throwing the shadows on the back wall.

We each got to shoot the lights that Joe (and his team of great assistants) set up for each set, but there were a couple of setups late in the day where there wasn't time for us to shoot, so hopefully we'll see a blog post soon with Joe's shots from those (and the rest of the day) soon.

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