Tuesday, October 21, 2008

back from disney...

out for a morning stroll on the boardwalk at disney...

we're back from sam's first trip to disney world... surely the first of many. a little soon for a trip to the magic kingdom you might think, but it's a big annual (or semi-annual) trip for heather's family so we took sam down to meet a whole lot more relatives. he was great on both the flight down & back up but had the line at the gate a little worried on the way home as he had a little meltdown as we waited to board the plane home.

i've got some travel coming up for work at the end of this week and then it's DCCX this weekend. it should be a fun day. the fields are big (cat 4 is closed already and both 3/4 races are up over 60) and the publicity is pouring in. scud will be there making frites, sonoma is providing beer, and the belgian embassy is sponsoring the little belgians race. if you're interested in racing or just coming to watch, you can get all the details over at the dcmtb website.

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