Tuesday, February 19, 2008



just back from new hampshire. we had a great weekend of skiing and hanging out with friends. conditions were classic east coast: groomed granular snow with crust, crud, and patches of ice. ok, it doesn't sound fun, but it was.


after a taking a good dumping of snow in the last couple of weeks, the lake sunapee area got a night of freezing rain mid week that solidified the top half inch into a hard crust. if it hadn't seen a groomer, then it was a solid, but if it had the snow was granular, but plentiful and dry.


saturday was very cold and we spent the day at mt. sunapee. great snow, fun groomers with some steep stretches -- great for attacking the hill and gaining some speed. i got a few fun runs in with heather and spent the rest of the day trying to keep up with evan and matt -- i wasn't very successful.


sunday we drove an hour to okemo in vermont. the snow wasn't quite as good, but the terrain was more varied and there were some fun glades open. the snow in the woods was a little tricker to deal with: big crusty bumps and lots of chopped up crud where the crust had been broken, but they were a blast, especialy since a year or two ago i wouldn't have even touched them.



gmr2048 said...

Sounds like a good time. Nice set of photos, too!

gwadzilla said...

it sounds like a wonderful time
as always excellent photos


gwadzilla said...

we just got back from west va

fantastic conditions

winter conditions
cold and fluffy for two days
then sunny on the third

sunny on our XC Ski day
worked out well

wild and wonderful west va

ye ha!