Tuesday, October 30, 2007

finally, good internet...

actually, there's plenty of internet around, but the connection at the hotel here in puerto natales was very tempermental. we're sitting in a coffee shop in puerto natales right now, waiting for our bus to punta arenas.


we'd planned on taking an early bus and hanging out down there untill it was time to catch our flight to santiago, but that bus was full and we're now on a later bus that wil get us to the airport in punta arenas right on time. there's not a lot open down here at 8:30 in the morning, but after a cold walk we managed to find coffee and wi-fi...


i'm getting more pictures up to flickr and getting them organized into sets so they'll be easier to browse. i've still got 4 1gb memory cards from the last 2 days to download.


this place is amazing, it's so rough and rugged and beautiful all at the same. every time you turn around you see something new or the light and clouds have changed and the same mountain you were looking at before looks completely different.


more later


JB said...

sounds awesome. Congrats again!


gwadzilla said...


joe foley's life
getting better all the time

congratulations to you and heather!