Tuesday, July 10, 2007

more homework...

replacing the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room last weekend inspired us to pick out paint colors for both rooms, so this weekend was spent sanding, patching, sanding, and priming in the dining room, and stripping wallpaper from the kitchen.

unlike the wallpaper heather removed in one of the bedrooms upstairs, this wallpaper is being very stubborn, but we're over half way there. the walls are going to need some serious filing and sanding though, the wallpaper was hiding a lot of wear. we got 2 coats of paint on the dining room walls after dinner last night, so that room is ready for the trim work. heather was taking pictures of the progress and is threatening to post them here...

now we're trying to figure out some other projects that we can tackle in the kitchen to make it more useful. a deeper kitchen sink might be in the cards and at the very least the faucet needs to be replaced. since we postponed our plans to completely gut the kitchen, we've been hesitant to put too much work into it knowing that a lot of it will get re-done in a year or two anyway.

still managing to get some training in. dc velo ride on saturday morning and then a ride at patapsco on sunday. i did realize that i only really know the trails on the baltimore county side of the park. i could have put together something on the HoCo side, but i was short on time and didn't want to get myself on too big of a loop. maybe i'll explore some more next weekend before heading to baltimore for rob's bachelor party.

wakefield tommorow... let's hope the rain holds off.

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