Monday, November 27, 2006

4 days - no work, good food, good riding...

thursday. lazy morning and then out of the house and off on the bike think that the rain was ending... it wasn't, but i managed to convice myself to keep going for 2 hours in steady 40-degree rain. i've got to say, it was a pretty miserable ride, but it's good to know that the first cold & wet ride for the winter is past me now -- it's a lot easier to get out on the cold dry days once you're glad that at least it's not raining. once i got back home it took almost an hour to get my body back up to room temperature. we went up to my parents in the evening for thanksgiving dinner.

friday. woke up to a beautiful clear sky and warmer air but no coffee beans in the house so we took a walk down to one of the local coffee shops (we've got 3 in stumbling distance) to get a cup of joe and something to eat, read the paper, and replenish our bean supply. so much better of a way to start the day after thanksgiving than heading to the mall or standing in line for hours outside a big-box store. not that either of us would be inclined to do that anyway.

after getting coffee i got the road bike out again and what a difference a day makes. i started out planning to ride the same loop as the day before with a slight extension on to the end, but since i was feeling so good i decided to see if i could make it all the way out to travillah rd and back instead of cutting across on seven locks road. my legs felt good, the sun felt good, but once i got to travillah and then turned back down river road i started to realize that i was going to be back later than i'd told heather so i cut a little distance off the ride and kept pushing all the way home.

after a quick lunch we took a trip down to georgetown... a couple of errands and then a trip to pizzeria paradiso. i started with a nimbus "strong pale ale" from atlas in scotland, hand pulled off the beer engine and then stuck with the british isles theme with a conniston bluebird bitter and a old engine oil from harviestoun brewery. they all went really well with the pizza margherita... i keep thinking i should explore the menu a little more, but the margherita is just so good it seems like it' be a shame to put anything else on it.

saturday. another day with the family, this time to hike at sugarloaf mtn, which heather has never done and i haven't in years. the walk was fun, except for when i dropped heather's camera onto the rocks and watched it bounce a few times before sliding to a stop. it's working, sort-of, but i'm guessing that when i take it that there won't be much chance of fixing it. finished the day at crate & barrel to start registering. it seems a little early to me, but who really knows...

sunday. gambrill.

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DT said...

Sounds like a good few days off! Did you all do the Crate and Barrel wedding registry thing before they officially open in the morning? Kristin and I did that and it was so much easier than trying to tag stuff during regular business hours.