Monday, October 30, 2006



on an october saturday last year a girl from philly got up early in the morning to drive to an estate in delaware to go watch some boy she'd met a couple of times do some kind of bike race. the boy was from dc.

she was worried she wouldn't be able to find him; he was worried it would be really muddy and cold and she'd have a miserable time.

they found each other, he won his race, they didn't have a miserable time. they went back to her house and hung out in her kitchen while she made spaghetti for her friends and then they went to a halloween party (she was a cowgirl; he was the black knight).

on the way home he held her hand...

Postscript: i wrote this post last week. on friday night i proposed to heather. she said yes.


iconoclasst said...


Now, on to more important matters. The two of you need to get yourselves to the First Annual Bootlegger's Bliss next Sunday so everyone can raise a pint to your future!

Lee said...

Congratulations Joe and Heather!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic!

Best wishes,


PiperJ said...

Congratulations Joe and Heather!

rickyd said...

Cool! Best wishes and good juju your way...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Joe!! Awww that was SO sweet :) Best wishes, always!


Anonymous said...

Heather and Joe- Congratulations to the both of you. I couldn't be happier for you.


Arleigh said...


One of the best feelings in the world is when she says yes.


Anonymous said...


Susan and I were so happy for your win that day. This is even better. Thanks for sharing the news with us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

It's Kyle Murphy, we talked a bit yesterday at Tacchino. Just stopped in and saw this excellent post. Congratulations to you both! I'll come by the meeting tomorrow evening to talk about training/nationals with you guys.

chunky monkey said...

that's awesome man.

great stuff. congratulations.

fm (using my wife's sign on)

gwadzilla said...

jo fo

still on a roll!

good work
on and off the bike

heather is a sweet heart

glad for both of you


Lae said...

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gmr2048 said...

very very cool, joe. congrats to you both.


Surly Rider said...

Very Cool. Good Luck dude.