Monday, July 17, 2006


Watch out silver spring, the discovery channel is out to get you...


gmr2048 said...

HA! nice shot. discovery seems like it would be a cool place to work. gotta love a company that transforms thier building into a bigass shark.

Gaz said...

I had an interview out there a few years ago... design headhunter sent me out there, and when I arrived the guy who was supposed to be interviewing me had no idea who I was and refused to see me. So I threw a fit and was escorted out by security. Ahh, happy days! :)

Arleigh said...

Hey where do you normally mountain bike when you visit philly?


gwadzilla said...

I was wandering silver spring the other day with my son in the back seat
was on a mission to get kid walkie talkies
dean wanted something different
but I was looking for kid walkie talkies

saw the shark
my son saw the fin
meant to drive back and park
our mission had intent

I never did well in interviews
but I never got escorted to the door
never got the job
but I never got escorted to the door

that was illana the iguana that called tonight
she thought she was talking to me
she was confused

gwadzilla said...

did you take that picture?