Wednesday, November 02, 2005 linkage...

somehow my pics from gloucester made it over to drunkcyclist and he's posted a link to the elite race shots... pretty cool to get a link from such a big blog and it looks like i've got a bunch of extra hits to my flickr account this morning... [not work safe]


Anonymous said...

excellent! and excellent photos joe!!

Mark said...


Damn nice shots. Want a link from another big Kona Bicycles. Email me at

We don't poach photos and will only use with your permission. Please contact me ASAP so we can do it the right way.


CX Team Manager

gwadzilla said...

they are great photos
glad that you are getting some "exposure" with them

I am certain that there are racers who are pleased to see such great photos in such an epic setting

I got a new camera
maybe you can show me how to use it!