Thursday, August 11, 2005

what's in your cd player?

looking for some new tunes for a couple of trips coming up in the next few weeks... anyone got any music recomendations?


Arleigh said...

I've got :

Shirley Bassey
Thievery Corp
Modest Mouse
Willie Nelson
San Ilya
DMB - Stand Up
Dar Williams

gmr2048 said...

bad religion is a constant 'go to' band when i need something to listen to. and i dig the new green day disk. i'm also giving the new dropkick murphy's a try, but it's not catching on with me yet. um...then there's the 'garden state' soundtrack for a more mellow time.

Ali said...

i also have the new green day, plus the dead 60s, the new beck, amy winehouse, jack johnson,...

not that i'm specifically musical or qualified, but you asked...

Lee said...

The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex (try it, i think you'll like it)

Robert Plant has a great new album... other than that, i'm bored.

Jason said...

Just went to see Neil Diamond at MCI Center last night, it was a night of dreams.

New Social D album is pretty awesome, so is Crimson from Alkaline Trio. What else... The Explosions, Black Tape is top notch