Tuesday, May 03, 2005

back on the singlespeed

after a couple of months of riding geared almost exclusively, and a couple of uninspired rides on the single-ated IF i finally found the singlespeed love again tonight... ricky helped fix my drivetrain so the chain wasn't skipping everytime i put any torque to the pedals and that made all of the difference. the bike went from feeling loose and uneven to feeling great... solid and flowy.

after a quick warmup around the bowl with miller, and a quick trip to shoot pics of ricky hopping logs, i hooked up with the moderate group (pete - only just back from utah, dom, ricky, rick, and more) and headed out to accotink. without the constant skipping i really got into the flow of trail and the simplicity of the singlespeed... sitting, then standing, then sitting again, trying to keep my front wheel glued to pete or ricky's up the climbs and around the twisty singletrack...

a perfect ride for the workout i was trying to get, powering up the climbs and then crusing in between. after a while, i broke off with ricky and a couple of the others to head back to the cars, no need to go too hard right before a race... easy ride tommorow at schaeffer to shoot some pics (if anyone comes out to ride with me), then off thursday, and a bit of riding at the IMBA congressional staff ride on friday... greenbrier is on sunday.

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