Tuesday, February 22, 2005


back from work and jump on the bike for a speed skills session on the trainer... an hour of one-leg pedaling and spin ups. off the bike, quick bite to eat, then onto the beater singlespeed to head down to RFD to meet up with the tuesday swill ride... less riding and more swilling for me since i skipped the ride in from falls church and just had a quick ride from home down to chinatown... DT, spearmint, and stoner were a couple beers ahead of me by the time i got there... had a couple of dogfish head beers and hung out for a bit... followed the other guys back to georgetown and then hit rock creek park for the last couple miles home.

riding home through adams morgan i started bottoming out my tires on manhole covers, not a good sign... i quick look down and the more and more squirmy ride confirmed i'd got a puncture in my rear tire and i didn't have a 15mm wrench in my pack so i could fix it -- earlier, while i was getting ready to head out i remembered reading gwadz's story of being stuck with a broken chain but without a 15mm on his singlespeed i made a point of telling myself to pick up a 15 on my way out... i remembered to pick up the other tools (and a spare tube), but not the wrench. tried to ride it home but i was completely flat by the time i hit mt. pleasant and ended up walking the last couple of blocks.


Anonymous said...

Yo Joe, you can fix that flat w/o removing the wheel. Not ideal, but just peel the tire off while still on the bike. We had to do that on a recent Wed. ride when one of our boys flatted and didn't have a 15mm - I've got 6mm allens on my Level hub these days or else I would have had one.

gwadzilla said...

Jethro Tule

joe said...

yep. think i saw them in the shop the last time i was in there... ging to pick one up this weekend